Welcome to The Green Redhead, a website dedicated to healthy and sustainable living by design.  This reaches as far as the founder’s passion – from earth architecture to social equity and healthy products.  There is so much information to sort through, thegreenredhead.com seeks to showcase well-documented evidence of healthy lifestyle choices, as well as cutting-edge technology and re-emerging building practices that provide a foundation of a healthy life – starting with that with which we surround ourselves everyday.

About the author

Meet Meghan, the primary editor and founder of The Green Redhead.  In her current work as an architectural designer, Meghan seeks to provide dwelling space that is responsible with materials and resources, while promoting social justice, well-being, and a continued design excellence for buildings within their unique geographic and social context.  She graduated from the University of Cincinnati in 2012 with a Master of Architecture degree.  Her journey crossed many cultures and experiences, including

  • her exposure to alternative building styles in the Southwest U.S. while interning in Taos, New Mexico and Sonora, California;
  • several service trips to Mexico to build dwellings for local population members;
  • study abroad in Europe and Western Asia studying classic architecture and planning;
  • her master’s architecture thesis exploring the intersection of nutrition, culture, and dwelling;
  • an internship in New Dehli, India to assist the design of a school and children’s home with EMI (more on that here).

Meghan currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband, baby daughter, and cat.  They live near the the Chattahoochee river and enjoy walks, hikes, and water activities right outside their complex.

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