Greenbuild 2017 – Expo top products!

Let’s face it – expos are not fun when you’re 10 and your parents drag you to the local home & garden expo to see new pavers, showers, and mailboxes.

But when you’re an eco-conscious architect who’s looking for new ways to improve the status quo – the 2017 Greenbuild Expo floor is a wealth of inspiration!

Here are our top 3 picks from the 3 day conference:

  1. AirIQ by Biome – This is a concentrated at-home air quality test.  It has a super low cost of entry starting at $249/bottle.  It’s basically a mason jar-sized bottle that you leave anywhere you’d like to test, for several hours.  You then send the bottle to their lab and within two weeks receive the results of any chemicals and toxins in the air.  The product is so versatile, it can be used for a specific area / time of the day, and in home or commercial settings.  In my office, we are looking to use it in our existing space as well as our new addition.

  2. Smart Green Walls by Naava – Smart buildings and healthy living are clearly popular trends in Greenbuild this year.  The Smart Green Walls is the perfect intersection of these two!  Using specific plant varieties and a charcoal material in the soil, this living wall becomes many times more efficient at cleaning the air than a typical plant wall.  The wall is smart, as it connects to your network to optimize the environment for the plants’ health, and therefore air quality.

    Smart Green Wall – without plants
  3. Smart Green Wall – with plants!

    ENRG Blanket by PhaseChange – As a long time fan and researcher of natural building, this product took me by pleasant surprise.  It almost seems unbelievable,  actually.  This is basically a modern, lightweight, easy to use alternative to traditional thermal massing techniques in passive buildings.  It absorbs exce

    ss heat during the day, and releases it when the temperature drops.  It seems like an amazing alternative to natural building in that it’s lightweight, has a reasonable ROI (3 years according to the company, though I’m sure that varies), and can be used alongside modern construction techniques.  Check it out!


  4. Solatube – this company produces a wide variety of rooftop daylighting techniques.  The goal is to bring in daylight, not necessarily a view.  Since this is the goal of most commercially implemented skylights, I would argue, maximizing the efficiency is key.  And this is what Solatube commercial products do: the technology brings in daylight in all kinds of applications – whether direct or indirect tubes that preserve
    the light quality and intensity – for a better user experience.  What also sold me on this product is how much smaller is than the standard skylight, allowing it to intrude less on structural requirements and structural/mechanical clashes.  (note: I’m considering this a ‘bonus’ product because, after bringing this information back to my firm, I learned we already use Solatube, just not in projects I’m on.)

If you have tried any of these products, or have a favorite from the Expo to add, leave a comment below!