Greenbuild 2017 – Expo top products!

Let’s face it – expos are not fun when you’re 10 and your parents drag you to the local home & garden expo to see new pavers, showers, and mailboxes. But when you’re an eco-conscious architect who’s looking for new ways to improve the status quo – the 2017 Greenbuild Expo floor is a wealth of inspiration! Here are our top 3 picks from the 3 day conference: AirIQ by Biome – This is a concentrated at-home air quality test.  It has a super low cost of entry starting at $249/bottle.  It’s basically a mason jar-sized bottle that you leave anywhere you’d like to test, for several hours.  You then send the bottle to their lab and within two weeks receive the results CLICK for more

Mohawk Light Lab

Living Building Challenge in Georgia – The Mohawk Light Lab

A few office-mates and I had the recent pleasure of touring the Mohawk Light Lab in Dalton, Georgia. This is the first Living Building Challenge petal-certified project in the state of Georgia, so needless to say, we were pumped! First of all, if you aren’t familiar with the Living Building Challenge, it is a green building rating system start in Seattle  in 2006 and is a rigorous green building rating system administered by the International Living Future Institute.  The rating system is a sort of reaction to LEED that promotes buildings that are regenerative and actually give back to their surroundings. More info on the LBC can be found here. We made our way to Dalton from Atlanta for the CLICK for more


Herman Miller’s “What Kind of Place are You?”

I receive occasional updates from our vendors, including Herman Miller.  I particularly enjoyed this article, showcasing several artists they recruited to create artwork of their ideal workspace.  There are such different interpretations, styles, and desires, it is great inspiration for your own workspace.


Pine & Clay – empowering foreign artisans in the American design market

I like well-designed products, hand-crafted art, and, very much, a good story. West Elm has become a visionary in the furniture & home decor retail sphere with their business model that brings us stories of beautiful products from far away lands and people, while empowering those very people to have a measurably improved quality of life.


Starchitects, Toilets, and Empowerment

Do you have a job?  Are you educated?  Are you able to use bathroom facilities without the fear of the spread of communicable disease? Not everyone is so fortunate.  Luckily, we all know this, and luckily, the building industry is catching on to the value of social equity and empowerment. We see certain companies such as TOMS (started by Blake Mycoskie) with sustainable business models.  More about that can be found in SUCCESS magazine. And now, while globalization, TED talks, activitsts, humanitarians, and the news show us all of the tragedy and poverty that our country works so hard to avoid ourselves, a few companies within the building industry are seeking this fresh approach of giving back to those in CLICK for more


Youngstown – S [M] L XL – Urban Decay

Youngstown is located in the Rust Belt.  There is an effort by a few to bring vibrancy to the community, some more effort by those seeking to help the hurting here and now.  Much more research can be done on my part to learn what can be done to make it once again a thriving community –  the expectations and identity need to change, then more public space, influence, and advocacy. Here is a taste of the disrepair we have fallen victim to, commonly known as urban blight or urban decay.


So you’re graduating from architecture school…

Many young people do not have a meaning and purpose to their life. They’re looking to say, does my life matter? Do I have a unique contribution to make… when you recognize that you have a real mission, an indispensable contribution to make, then you embrace life, you celebrate life in a completely different way. – Anna Halpine, The Human Experience I was right in the middle of my thesis while obtaining my Master of Architecture degree, at the interstice of theoretical research, experimentation, and real (” “) design. It was wintertime last year that I dedicated a good Saturday afternoon to post-graduate endeavors. A few things I knew were certain: I was about to have substantial debt to deal with. CLICK for more


Youngstown [S] M L XL

Youngstown, Ohio. The Rust Belt. As seen from photographs past and first-hand accounts from one and two generations before my time, the city used to be a happening place, with popular stores, an active downtown, rich folk, popular entertainers, everything one needs for a little gem of a city to call home. The Youngstown I grew up in was littered with tales of political corruption, a failed steel industry, and frankly not much reason do go downtown – so I rarely ever did.  Yes, you could say that makes me a suburbanite. But here we are, in the 21st century, looking at our ‘old’ cities (Europeans may laugh) and reexamining what can be done.  This is from many perspectives and CLICK for more


Resumé what? Distinction within a tough job market in architecture.

Architecture shines as the top unemployed profession for 2012, estimated at just under 14%. Sure, there are reasons for this within the industry, without, globally, and historically. But as part of that 14%, a recent graduate with all of the world to aspire to, why is the only worth my future employers can see abbreviated to a single page, my beloved resumé? That single page is critiqued, being too formal for some, too playful for others.  What kind of job are looking for, anyway?  What are you ambitions?  What can you do for us? I recently applied to a dream job – public work, great city, respected firm – along with 500 others.  While I am proud of building up CLICK for more