the finest cloth

There is No Beauty

THERE IS NO BEAUTY IN THE FINEST CLOTH IF IT MAKES HUNGER AND UNHAPPINESS. MAHATMA GHANDI I have recently been taken with the Adam Ruins Everything movement – first the videos, now the podcast.  I love that he has a fresh take on social injustice and explaining the ills of the world in a logical, albeit tragic, way.  This is why I would like to bring to your attention his latest podcast episode: “Why Fast Fashion Fails Us.”  I am primarily concerned with the waste stream as it relates to the building industry and my own consumption, and the latter is where this fits in.  I have been learning so much lately about the clothing industry and really taking the time to consider my CLICK for more


So you’re graduating from architecture school…

Many young people do not have a meaning and purpose to their life. They’re looking to say, does my life matter? Do I have a unique contribution to make… when you recognize that you have a real mission, an indispensable contribution to make, then you embrace life, you celebrate life in a completely different way. – Anna Halpine, The Human Experience I was right in the middle of my thesis while obtaining my Master of Architecture degree, at the interstice of theoretical research, experimentation, and real (” “) design. It was wintertime last year that I dedicated a good Saturday afternoon to post-graduate endeavors. A few things I knew were certain: I was about to have substantial debt to deal with. CLICK for more


Blue Haven Children Home & School

Here is a link to my team’s project in India with EMI, for TellAsia’s project and vision, the Blue Haven Children’s Home & School in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh.  It is in the conceptual phase and looking quite nice and engineered. Open Architecture Network: Blue Haven Children’s Home and School