Introducing Carbon Neutral Goods: A New Kind of Shopping!

Carbon Neutral Goods is a new Etsy shop selling fashion goods with a carbon neutral footprint. Check it out here!

The shop inspiration comes from The Ecology of Commerce by Paul Hawken. I have been a fan of Hawken for some years now, and this book has revolutionized the way I view free enterprise and the environment.  I’ve always had an abstract idea of the degradation and lack of accountability companies have for their environmental footprint, but Hawken makes the argument that if we require companies to include the total embodied carbon footprint in the cost of a product and service, it will evolve our economy and society – for the better! He argues, “We require political, environmental, and business communities – everyone – to join in incorporating external costs into the market system.” And though this book was published in 1993, it still holds true when he requires us to re-examine what we consider good business and successful development.

“We have reached a point where the value we do add to our economy is now being outweighed by the value we are removing, not only from future generations in terms of diminished resources, but from ourselves in terms of unlivable cities, deadening jobs, deteriorating health, and rising crime.”

The products of Carbon Neutral Goods were inspired by my search for such an item on Etsy, yet was not an exact product I really wanted. The cute ones were bulky and did not have plastic on the inside (I need a washable surface – I guess I’m sloppy and am not always able to clean my yogurt-ridden spork after its use!) Other pouches used kitschy fabric that did not scream ‘high fashion,’ like my designer self preferred.  The spork pouch is a fashionable solution to reducing your single-plastic cutlery usage, and is lighter weight and smaller than bringing along a full set of metal cutlery.  And a carbon neutral pouch to bring it along – the perfect solution!

Please take a look, favorite the shop, and tell a friend! They are a great gift for bridesmaids gifts, company and corporate holiday gifts, and that hard-to-buy-for hippie-chic friend 🙂

*For the remainder of 2018, you can receive 10% off with the code ‘NEUTRAL10.’ Enjoy!

Pumpkin Spice Spork Pouch at Carbon Neutral Goods on Etsy